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Our Storage Solutions

Contact The Vault Self Storage in Taunton to find out more about the range of storage solutions for personal and business use.

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Secure storage solutions

Lockbox & container padlock

Modern security options

How Do I Make My Container Secure?

All of our new containers come with a lockbox. Lockboxes are a metal shroud welded to the cargo doors protecting the padlock. Trust us to provide secure storage solutions to keep your belongings safe. Contact us today for our expert team to provide secure and safe storage solutions.

Locked container

Secure Storage Solutions


Lockbox & container padlock

When fitted it prevents forced entry by cutting the padlock on the container. Shipping containers fitted with a lockbox would require a high security padlock to lock the container. We sell the Squire Stronghold container padlocks that are CEN 4 rated (high security), keeping your container and contents protected. Please note container padlocks are sent via a separate courier (DHL).

Our storage containers:

Here are some ideas of what can be fitted into your average 20ft unit:

  • 3-seater sofas

  • wardrobes

  • Armchairs

  • Washing machines or dishwashers

  • Dining room tables and chairs

  • Fridge freezers

  • Microwaves

  • Bookcases

  • Bikes

  • Beds, including mattress

20ft container

Are you looking for secure storage solutions?

Call The Vault Self Storage in Taunton for quotes and advice on self storage, vehicle storage and more.

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